Bicycle friendly cafe

What might a bicycle-friendly cafe look like?

  • Indoor parking for bicycles so you don't need to lock them up?
  • Seats next to each of the parking spots?
  • Built-in locks on every parking stall to speed up the locking process?
  • To-go cups that fit in your bike water bottle holder?
  • To-go containers that perfectly fit a pannier or backpack without the risk of leaking
  • A self-serve water-bottle filler?
  • Compressed air for refilling tires effortlessly?
  • A soft floor so that bikers can wear their bike shoes without destroying the floor?
  • Locate this cafe on the inbound side of the street so that bicyclists don't need to cross the street on their way to downtown?
  • Online ordering that you can do from home so that the cafe has your order ready when you get there?
  • Localized-ordering from your phone so that as you get close the cafe starts making your regular choice?
  • Wide doors that are always open (or automatic doors for colder places) to make it easy to walk inside with your bike?
  • Tuneups available while you eat?
  • Exercise-friendly food options that don't sit heavy in your stomach?

Someone should build this cafe. It sounds awesome.