• Sidewalks are a clue that people should walk here
  • Painted yellow dashes suggest a two way street
  • Bike lanes at street level say bikes are like cars, and bike lanes at sidewalk level say bikes are like people
  • Train tracks tell us that a train travels by
  • A street full of garages indicates that cars are necessary
  • Shopfronts with open doors invite us inside

If your goal is more bus ridership, what clues will you give? Bus shelters say "wait here", more frequent busses say "your time is valuable", bike racks say "it's ok to be multimodal". What other clues could you have?

  • Painting bus routes on the pavement would instantly allow anyone to know if a bus travels on this street and which direction it goes in.
  • Painting bus connections on sidewalks shows which corners are junctions
  • Giving free rides during off peak or after people have spent $50/month reminds people that mass transit is more efficient
  • Matching bus size to expected ridership says that efficiency is a goal (side question: could we have 4-passenger busses? Might they look more like cars?)