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For my day job I'm a product manager on Google Play Music, leading our search and growth teams since 2013. Check out our Android and iOS apps.


Send messages to Every day Boomerang will pick a message at random and remind you. Try using Boomerang the next time you want to form a habit or apply a lesson from a book in real life.


Fastcards is an iOS app for quick learning through flashcards. Snap a photo of something you want to learn, then use your finger to paint over the answer. Swipe through your cards and the app learns which cards to show you. & shows the tides for the next 48 hours for your location. has a calendar of the days with tides below 0 feet. Both are designed to help me figure out when to go beach bouldering, and when to kite. 

Edge: The Web Ruler

Edge is a simple ruler that supports multiple units, horizontal & vertical orientation, and feels like a native application. It's a Chrome app that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Get the source:

YMCA Camp Warren Half Moon Locator

Developed for Camp Warren the half moon locator always points in the direction of half moon lake. This iPhone app also provides the lyrics of the Camp Warren Trail song as well as access to Warren's flickr photos. It's a simple, free app available on the App Store.

Learn more about Camp Warren


Consisting of a language and a graphical environment, Chestnut is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use graphics card programming tool. It is the focus of my research with Tia Newhall for Summer and Fall 2011. Chestnut evolved out of Ryan Carlson's and my final project for CS87 - Parallel and Distributed Computing. 

Learn more about Chestnut


OpenHouse is an iPhone music application that is centered around an instant playlist. You start out as the DJ, adding songs to your playlist. Other users of OpenHouse can join as guests and see your instant playlist and library. Guests can then requests songs from your library, and you as the DJ can see what songs have been requested the most so that you can play those songs next. Works well for parties, road trips or just as a simple music player. 

OpenHouse on the iTunes App Store


Youth in Government is a YMCA program to introduce youth to leadership opportunities and citizenship. I am currently developing an app to let YIG communicate and share with parents, alums and current delegates. This app features photos, a calendar, a twitter feed and more and was released in June. 

Available on the iTunes app store



Developed in part during a microcontrollers engineering course the DoorStatus project is a screen and tools to have a twitter-like status on my dorm room door. An arduino equipped with a network sheild powers a KS0108 monochrome LCD and is glued to the outside of the door. A companion iPhone app allows for finger painted drawings to be sent to the arduino and shown. There is also a desktop application written in C++ and using the Qt frameworks that puts a calendar and a text message on the door. 

Source Code and project links forthcoming.


I am a part of the SCCS student group at Swarthmore College. GUTS was developed to provide a dashboard for the SCCS services. It consists of a python d-bus daemon and a django website frontend. You can find the sources here but an SCCS account is required to see most of GUTS in action. 

View the GUTS Source Code