AM/FM radio continues to be the most common way for americans to listen to content ( source). It accounts for over 50% of the time that people spend listening, compared to only 2% for podcasts. This shocked me years ago when I first heard it, and it continues to amaze me today. 

I suspect a big part of this is due to how much time americans spend in cars. In the car, radio is simply so easy on so many levels. It’s zero buttons away (cars turn on radio when started), and if something bad is playing, just tap the same button again and again to switch between the finite options. When the options run out, pick the best one found so far.

Compare that with a podcast or music app that presents an effectively infinite number of options and requires many taps to start playing, and it’s easy to see why radio, with all of its flaws, remains the most common way to listen to content.