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If you lead a software team and you wish there was a way for your team to move faster and for you to be more confident in your roadmap, you’re not alone!

Andrew is a product management consultant with 8 years of experience as a PM at Google & Lyft, and a passion for bringing empathy and structure to decision-making. He’ll work with you to diagnose and fix what’s slowing you down, and give your team a robust product management process to go from idea to launch.

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Examples of Clients

Tipe (YC W18)

Tipe has developed an innovative solution to the common problem of marketing teams needing to bother a developer every time they need to update the website. Andrew helped them narrow their focus to their most important type of customer, and created a process for launching new features that has transformed their product into something customers are clamoring to be given access to. (California, USA -

RealCrowd (YC S13)

RealCrowd is already a thriving real estate crowdfunding marketplace. Andrew gave them the tools–for roadmapping and feature planning–they needed to speed up their launch of an entirely new product. (Portland, OR -

Rebank (YC W19)

Rebank is pioneering a way for high-growth startups to have the best banking features without needing to switch banks. Andrew helped Rebank refine their qualitative metrics and reframe their external message to better resonate with customers. (London, UK -


Andrew’s Blog - Thoughts on Product Management and more.

How To Product - A 15-minute podcast co-hosted by Andrew, Tal, and Nick that discusses the messy details of becoming a great Product Manager.

The WFH Times - Andrew’s newsletter about distributed work, started during COVID-19. (Andrew’s clients are often distributed teams)

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