Seth Godin has an interesting post about different types of motivation, the thing that keeps you going when it’s hard. Go read it, I’ll still be here when you finish.

What’s my fuel? A few components jump out:

  • Dissatisfaction (because it’s not good enough as it is)

  • Engineer (because there’s a problem to be solved)

  • Possibility (because we can, and it’ll be neat to see how it works in the world)

I’d really like it if I could add a few more to that list:

  • Becoming a better version of myself

  • Big dreams (because I can see it/feel it/taste it)

  • Connection (because others will join in)

And then there are motivations that I identify less with. I know many people who thrive on competition. Others who have a creative itch, and still others driven by professionalism. All valid, all valuable. 

What’s your fuel?