I wish I had an expert to help guide me through the complicated healthcare industry. This expert would know which doctor I should visit, has my medical history, and is an advocate for my wellbeing and wallet.

This expert would work with every type of insurance, every doctor, every state.

When I get new health insurance this expert would make a handy list of nearby doctors that take my insurance and collect their yelp reviews, estimated cost, and other information to help me make a great decision.

When I need to schedule an appointment, this expert would do it for me, calling the office during business hours and finding something that works with my schedule.

When my doctor asks you about the immunizations I got a decade ago, the expert will help me find it by calling previous doctors.

When I get referred to a specialist, this expert will show me their reviews and cost, and even offer to show me other nearby specialists that I might prefer instead. If I choose one of them, this expert would handle the introductions and scheduling.

When I get back test results and my doctor gives me a cryptic 10 second explanation, this expert would be there to help explain. And when I’m long gone from the doctor’s office, this expert would still be there to fill in the details.

When I need to pick up prescriptions, this expert could show me the best nearby pharmacies if I haven’t chosen one yet. And if I have, this expert would show me exactly how many refills I have left and help me schedule an appointment when I run out.

If I break a bone and need surgery, this expert could show me hospitals and surgeons that are top of their field. If I’m willing to drive or fly to another city for care, this expert would expand the search across the state and country.

All in all, sounds pretty great. As far as I can tell, this expert doesn’t exist yet, but I really wish he or she did.