I use moleskin notebooks for most of my thinking and ideas. They’re useful because they’re durable and I can add sketches in addition to just text. They’re also way better for notes in 1 on 1 meetings, because they demonstrate a professionalism missing from notes taken on phones and ipads. 

Unfortunately, once the information is in the notebook it’s pretty much locked in there and unless I spend lots of time devising systems to index and retrieve it like Darwin and other scientists did back in the day. But I feel like a computer can do this faster and better than me.

I’d like to see a service where I can mail my finished notebooks/journals. They’d be scanned, with an app to browse and search. I’d also like to be able to add digital snippets and ideas to this app so that it’s all in one place when I want to search for something that I’ve written down. 

Does anything like this exist? Some simple google searches returned lots of photo scanning services but nothing that seems like a good fit for journals.